12 Mother Postures for Bagua Circle Walking Training

In my other post Demystifying Bagua Circle Walking I did a high level breakdown of my Circle Walking Routine. Some people asked about how to Circle Walk or what postures to use. This post is to demo the 12 postures I use, for anybody that would like to referrence. This is not the only way to do […]

Circle Walking and Losing Weight

Asides from all the health benefits, and the training benefits of circle walking, I am a strong believer that circle walking helps lose weight. In this blog post, I look at it from what my fitbit fitness tracker says without using woo-woo that’s often associated with Internal Martial Arts. For the purpose of this, I […]

How and How Long to Circle Walk?

Baguazhang translates to “Eight Trigrams Palm,” however this wasn’t the original name.  At the beginning, this art was called “Zhuan Zhang,” which means “Turning Palms.”  The development of Bagua was deeply affected by the new name it was given. Many schools focused on the “Eight” in the name of the art.  8 mother postures, 8 […]

100-Day Circle Walking Challenge

Winter is a great time to Circle Walk. Three months of continuous Circle Walking practice is the minimum threshold to be a Bagua practitioner. Bagua practitioners around the world, anybody want to do a 100-Day Circle Walking Challenge with me? Key Points: I will be adding more and more blog posts regarding Circle Walking and linking them […]

Demystifying Bagua Circle Walking

Bagua Circle Walking is probably the most iconic movement in the practice of bagua martial arts.  Its prominence often masks other footwork and practice of the art (topic for another blog).  So what is Bagua Circle Walking, and how to train for it? Bagua Circle Walking came from old Daoist rituals called Zhuan Tian Zun […]

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