Bagua Zhang Basic Piercing Palm & Change Palm

#1: Basic Bagua Zhang Piercing Palm 穿掌 Chuan Zhang Fist let me show you what it is: High level, some of the things to think about: Benefits Other thoughts: Combining piercing palm with stances: #2: Basic Bagua Zhang Change Palm 換掌 Huan Zhang Again, let me first show you what it is: High level considerations: […]

Half Step Beng Quan (Thrusting Fist)

Last year there was a 6 episode documentary that came out regarding Chinese martial arts called 藏著的武林 The Hidden [Chinese] Martial Arts World. Documentary is in Chinese, check out our youtube if you’re interested ( I’ve been waiting for an English translation for a long time to share with the rest of you, but I […]

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