Circle Walking and Losing Weight

Circle Walking and Losing Weight

Asides from all the health benefits, and the training benefits of circle walking, I am a strong believer that circle walking helps lose weight.

In this blog post, I look at it from what my fitbit fitness tracker says without using woo-woo that’s often associated with Internal Martial Arts.

For the purpose of this, I did Circle Walking all 7 days last week. For the week prior, I walked only one day on October 28th. Looking back, I should have not done that, to keep a very clean baseline. But at that time I didn’t anticipate writing this post.

I averaged over 12k steps last week, with a total step count of just over 90k. Out of those steps, Bagua Circle Walking accounts for 3072 steps a day, or 21,504 steps a week.

Circle Walking and Losing Weight

The calcualtions for this:

  • 12 Mother Postures
  • 8 circles per Mother Posture
  • 16 steps per circle
  • Walk both directions
  • 12 x 8 x 16 x 2 = 3072
  • For a full week: 3072 x 7 = 21504

This is based on 40 minutes of walking a day.

Would your health benefit from an additional 20k of walking per week?

Below are the results of my fitbit tracker. The difference between Bagua Circle Walking and not, is about 3300 calories a week. Oct. 28th was an exception because I did Circle Walk that day. So I feel pretty confident I can remove 200 calories from that day had I not walked. This way, we come to a clean round 3,500 calorie difference, per week, from Bagua Circle Walking.

Circle Walking and Losing Weight

Based on Google, 3500 calories equals one pound.

What this means is if you Circle Walk every day, you will lose weight at the rate of one pound a week. At 3 months, this is about 12 pounds. Remember, this is doing nothing else, except committing to Bagua Circle Walking everyday.

Doing it this way is also consistent, and healthy. The additional benefits are it prepares your body to real Bagua training, develops internal strength (talked about in this post: Demystifying Bagua Circle Walking), and brings tremendous health benefits for your body.

Now to what DOESN’T WORK.

The math above is holding everything else constant.

If you do Circle Walking for 40 minutes, and then reward yourself with nice piece of chocolate cake for a job well done, you will for certain gain more weight over that 100 days. Don’t do that. Reward yourself that piece of chocolate cake in 3 months time, after you’ve reached your goal.

Circle Walking and Losing Weight

Join me in my 100 Day Circle Walking Challenege if you haven’t already. I’m 8 out of 8 days for this year.