Seminar: Traditional Long Spear “Da Qiang” Training Method

Seminar: Traditional Long Spear “Da Qiang” Training Method

Using the term “Large Spear” is an understatement. 

This is more like a GIANT Spear, 12 feet long at around 10 lbs in weight. 

Large Spear aka “Da Qiang” is a very traditional training method used most commonly in Baji and Xingyi practitioners.  Through wielding this ginormous spear, a practitioner better understands his art and cultivates the power of Thor.  Here are some of the straight up benefits:

  • Develop functional strength (or super farmer’s strength) so you can increase explosiveness and power in your punches and strikes
  • Better understand the two-hand connection in empty fist forms so your strikes incorporate a full body connection instead of just isolated limbs
  • Train the same way traditional legends trained to emulate their success and unlock the potential to reach the next stage in your training

Da Qiang training is not common at all in the West.  It’s extremely difficult to even find a Large Spear for sale.  Without the tools, nobody can teach the craft.  In this case, there’s very few people in the West that even knows the craft.  The only way to have access to this training method is by knowing the right people, that can connect you to the traditional masters, and then fly over to China/Taiwan to learn them. 

Seminar: Traditional Long Spear “Da Qiang” Training Method

A lot of traditional trainings are documented in Traditional Chinese Writings (think the equivalent of Shakespearian English compared to the modern day colloquial English).  Even normal Chinese people don’t read these manuscripts.  An example is Shou Bi Lu, written by Wu-Shu. 

Shou Bi Lu was written 400 years ago at the end of the Ming Dynasty.  In the manuscript, Wu documented and compared across various styles of weapons.  Among these weapons, the Large Spear training methodology has been clearly documented.  However, most modern day practitioners have largely left this part of training out due to accessibility to the spear, and to the training methodology.

Instructor Tang Jia Jun is an elite level martial arts practitioner that teaches the Police Academy in Taiwan.  He has spent the last few years dedicating his training to the Large Spear.  Even an elite level practitioner like Tang has said the Large Spear has transformed his art to the next level.    

Next week, we have HC Chang, long time Disciple of Ernie Wu from Eight Step Mantis, to share with us the Large Spear training he learned from Mr. Tang Jia Jun in Taiwan. 

Seminar: Traditional Long Spear “Da Qiang” Training Method
Mr. Tang and H.C. Chang

Seminar Info

Time: December 19, 2021 @ 3pm – 5pm

Location: Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston – 5885 Point West Drive, Houston TX, 77036

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